Keeping the mystery alive


Wynwood, Miami

18 months ago, 16 Jan 2012, I jumped high on a springboard and set off

So much life is packed in between

But so long, smokey promises that I started with.


C’est la vie, say the old folks, it just goes to show that you can never tell.

And why you should live for today.


Desires are changing..

Inexhaustible is the variety of life


– Deja, why are you taking your passport? we’re just going to the market

– ah, life is so random.. yesterday we unknowingly crossed into Panama


Because there are hidden worlds out there. And they’re beautifully tragic.

People that move you, people who are your scenarios and inspirations.

People that disappoint you, people who make you see that you are living a reality and not a fantasy.

Trust, that is so mercurial.

New perceptions that make you question everything, every little thing..

And a purpose, and a driving force that are like magic artistry of their own kind~

Wynwood, Miami, Art Basel 2013

Wynwood, Miami




Wynwood, Miami


Wynwood, Miami


Wynwood, Miami


Wynwood, Miami


Miami Beach, in a sentence.

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7 thoughts on “Keeping the mystery alive

  1. Everything IS changing, including desires…We are changing…..And the key factor is that one never stops learning, from those changes as well and from all the …..”People that move you, people who are your scenarios and inspirations, people that disappoint you”….

  2. naravno :)
    ali tvoj zelenis je doprinos jednoj buducoj arheologiji. Zamisli neku drevnu blogerku koja na glinenim tablicama klinastim pismom klese probleme njenog prenaseljenog svijeta i poziva ljude na otreznjenje. Priceless ;)

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