Ocean acidification

All living organisms on our planet – flora, soil, lakes and oceans – and are succumbing to the pollution, and vastly getting contaminated by the amount of CO2 circulating in the atmosphere.

As the carbon dioxide gets absorbed by the saltwater, it becomes trapped and dissolved and it, fundamentally changing the composition of the water, disrupting its pH balance, and creating increasingly toxic conditions.

Although conservationists monitoring the situation claim that acidity levels are not that alarming (yet), the rate at which the acidity is rising is already of concern.

The burning of fossil fuels is greatly contributing to the problem, so it’s of no surprise that the rapid acidification is this century’s phenomenon.

The carbon dioxide (as it dissolves and mixes with hydrogen in the salt water) disrupts basic building blocks for the shells of many marine organisms.

Chemical reactions due to increased acidity make essential molecules less available for use by organisms.

If you really want to get deep into the science of it, dive into UNESCO-IOC.

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