Spark triggers – part 3: music

When you can’t get away, how do you get away?

but some world music into your step!

One of my favourite worldly music ensembles is Gotan Project. Their sound is very unique and a blend of some genres, predominantly a spin on classical tango, with nu jazz, electornica, new age.. The sounds are very moving, yet complex and tranquil.

have a taste:

una musica brutal

la revancha del tango


Moving along the same lines: Ojos de Brujo is a Spanish group, also with a distinctive style and sound, tastefully merging elements of flamenco with rap, electronica, and rhythm & blues.

They’re very energetic and remarkably passionate.

Sample, hope you have sangria on hand:

piedras vs. tanques

todos mortales

nueva vida

. . . .

Madredeus from Portugal (I suppose I’m just sweeping across the European continent). A spin on traditional fado: not as gruelling, but  still very poignant.

coisas pequenas

ao longe o mar

. . . .

You can’t not love Jovanotti. He’s so touchable.. His music combines rap, funk, rock and amazing lyrics!

baciami ancora

per te !!

mi fido di te

Their old-world italian glamour and creative splashes of ska and reggae had me at ‘Ciao bella’: Giuliano Palma & The Bluebeaters.

come le viole

che cosa c’e

se non dicon le parole

. . . .

Let’s venture away from Europe.. To Cuba, for example:

The phenomenal Buena Vista Social Club really deserve top spot for their authentic salsa/guajira cuban sound.

Savour, with a mojito:

Amor de loca junetud

Dos gardenias

. . . .

Astor Piazzolla – a more traditional form of tango, accompanied by a classical guitar. Argentine composer and artist. His pieces can be melancholy and placid or lively and heated.


the famous libertango

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