GreenPeace on a roll

Count on Greenpeace to rock the boat (pardon the pun) for the energy revolution and raise awareness about out ‘addiction to oil’ and the consequences of that on our natural world, the climate, and the future of our planet overall.

In order to make changes and make notable changes, we obviously must all work together for this common goal: and go beyond oil.

Their beyond oil campaign is assertive, direct, and it requires our support in any way possible, as citizens of this world. Spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, oh and hey in the real world as well, among family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, partners, clients, etc.

Even though, as a society we are currently dependent on oil and we realize that getting off that dependence will take time, big businesses can start by investing in clean, renewable energy and not climate-wrecking and environmentally damaging Arctic oil.

You can follow its exploration of a team on board of Esperanza vessel, and check out its frequently updated YouTube channel.

What Will You Do Today?

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