London’s bike hire scheme

In 2010 London implemented a new action plan, introducing a bicycle hire program, aimed to encourage more cycling, relieve overcrowding on public transport, improve its efficiency, help cut traffic congestion, and eventually significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

The great potential of cycling is that it is low-impact, requires less road capacity, is non-polluting, and recreational.

The plan’s long-term objective is to make cycling an equitable and sustainable solution for cities looking to overcome the socio-spatial segregation and even out the distribution of public services across greater territorial expanses in an attempt to lessen burdens on traffic and mass use of private car on short journeys.

Imposing central congestion charges in main cities, along with minimal parking spaces and high parking charges has contributed to reduced private car use in the central core.

New and improved measures that promote cycling conditions are important: properly planned cycle lanes, safe streets with slow-moving traffic, parking at transit stations, etc.

The scheme’s effortless procedure, procurable on the spot, online and at numerous tourist points shows flexibility and openness.

This program was inspired by the Parisian Velib which has worked wonderfully there, remodelling not only its transportation and tourism scene, but also the Parisian lifestyle.

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