Ride the waves, Mykonos

(c) the glamorous Namos beach bar @ the paradisal Psarou Beach

As soon as the sun starts shining my nostalgia for Ελλάδα starts sprouting, so here comes a three-part series on the ultimate white isle of the Aegean: Μύκονος (because Θήρα is otherworldly..)

The exciting characteristics of Mykonos’ beaches is that they offer so many choices and they can even fool you to believe each time that you are in a different place.



The island’s most high society beach and certainly one of the most beautiful: thin sand, emerald waters, and day after day parade at the front deckchairs, which are more comfortable than beds and are usually reserved since daybreak. Cool cocktails by the sea, fantastic meals with emphasis on fresh produce, impeccable beach service, social peeping and palm trees. Psarou is a miracle, so make sure you are in good terms with the royalty there.

It’s a relatively shielded beach, therefore you can swim during the entire summer since it’s not affected by the winds.


Kalo livadi

It’s included among the favourite beaches of the island’s ‘regulars’ and has become the destination. The beach volleyball tournament, which is an event that everyone should participate – pro or not – was transferred here from Panormos.

The parties on the beach begin early with high-volume music and beats that keep the crowds dancing as they go through arrays of shot drinks, mojitos, caipirinhas, and various cocktails du jour. .



Mykonos’ most bohemian chic beach, free of deckchairs and umbrellas, looks like a virgin area if you go early in the morning. Alternative, wildly beautiful, with a friendly and relaxed mood, it has the most ‘carefully unkempt’ appearance, Panormos will continue to be a hip beach for some time.

Big hammocks, music and the best beach parties under a huge summer moon.



“First come the gays, then the girls, then the industry” applies to Elias as well, one of the island’s biggest beaches that won over the gay community and, afterwards, all the rest. This is the best choice for someone who wants to avoid glitz and glamour but not the ambiance.



This is one of the most virgin beaches of the island. Due to its strategic position, when the wind blows, Ftelia is filled with waves and windsurfers. The ambiance is relaxed and the culture freestyling. If you want to avoid the wild waves and enjoy a quiet swim, go to the small bay on the right where the wind is less strong.


Platis Gialos

A big beach with family style accommodating many tourists and guests who want to maintain a safe distance form the island’s eccentric characters but also to enjoy all kinds of water sports at the Reef Club, which lures the skiers, fast jet skis and playful bananas.

Small boats to Super Paradise, Elia and Agrari leave from here, so if you feel like you need a bit more action.



For those who love sports and adrenaline, and those who are bored from too much sunbathing, Kalafatis is vast and happening. Parachutes fly and you will probably even see horses gallop by.



The sea is very clean, the sand sifty, almost white, and the big ethnic cushions just beg to be invaded.

From here you can see one of the most beautiful sunsets, with a view of Delos.

The tamarisks that offer a natural shade, and the rock in the middle of the sea that is the perfect board for diving and aerial tricks!



Mykonos’ biggest camping is situated here and the ambience of the beach somehow reminds of wild high school students’ trips. Beat music and inexpensive alcohol creates a carefree, funky ambience. The fun begins early, drinks make rounds rapidly and before you know it, the beach is filled with dance enthusiasts.


Super Paradise

Another beach that tempts people to misbehave, promising ’round-the-clock parties at its beach bar. The notion of afternoon beach parties started here on its golden sand, and the world’s most famous DJs have appeared at its decks. Around the pool dancing to Greek and foreign music creates a cool vibe.

Tip: Super Paradise is amazing – in October.



Its coarse sand, emerald waters, tranquility and cool breeze will compensate for the small difficulty that you put up with trekking here from the civilization.

Civilization has arrived eventually, so you will find deckchairs and umbrellas, the legendary beach bar La Luna for coffee, breakfast and afternoon cocktails.



Here, you can ski without waiting for your turn for hours or read an entire book without any annoyance or noise. The ideal destination for those in love with Mykonos for many years: golden sand, refreshing water, few people, and utter discreetness. But it’s better not to come to this beach when the south wind blows.

Fantastic view of Naxos.



Ai-Gianis is one of the locals’ beloved beaches, because it is close to everything. It’s close to Chora, Ornos, the beautiful secluded beach Kapari and, at the same time, it’s far from celebrities and the ‘Mykonian barbarians’. The beach itself is not that impressive, but it’s a safe choice due to its comfort and proximity.


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