In Durban, “the planet is at stake”

Another December, another UN Climate Change Conference..

Whether the expectations are realistic or not, an agreement of any kind seems to be out of reach. Or is our ability to save the planet from climate change effects beyond our reach?

COP are annual conferences that assess progress in dealing with climate change. (What progress?) The annual convention, known as Conference of the Parties gathers signees of the Kyoto Protocol. It’s held in Durban, South Africa this week.

Climate change is far from being a simple problem; its consequences affect or are affected by various global issues – poverty, economic development, population growth, sustainable development and resource management, although it is an environmental issue.

A “climate-safe” future includes:

  • A robust and legally binding international climate agreement
  • An establishment of a fund for climate finance from rich to poor countries
  • A drastic reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Commitment to energy efficiency

More info: user guide and expectations.

One thought on “In Durban, “the planet is at stake”

  1. Useful analysis and backgrounder – thank you for this. Do they teach / present these topics in schools? The North American and the developed Western countries ones? What I have heard recently from the media was that the underdeveloped world does it best to adjust to the conservation requirements. We are the bad guys.

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