Obesity and the fight against it

I wrote this article for Living Green Magazine.

Uneven distribution of resources has resulted in entire communities being malnourished due to unavailability of food in the developed world, but what’s even more staggering is the amount of people in the developed world ill and obese from poor food choices, even if there is nourishing sustenance available.

Twenty five years ago most food we ate was fresh and locally grown. Now, it is mainly processed, full of sorts of additives, ingredients and stimulants that cause us to spin in confusion.

The problem is not only in the food we eat. The problem also lies in mass manufacture. Marketing and production are creating unnatural demand. The industry is fuelling our demand.

Only after we tackle the fundamental problem of the state of our mental and physical addictions to food – and consumption in general – can we achieve our principles and improve social morale.

The solution is quite simple: reducing overall consumption, switching to natural, whole, unprocessed foods straight from the Earth, and physically moving more.

Where we go from here will not only determine the quality and the length of individual lives but the world as a whole.

More information:

Bittman, Mark. TED Talk: “What’s wrong with what we eat”.

Harcombe, Zoe. The Obesity Epidemic: What Caused it? How can we stop it? New York: Columbus, 2010

Oliver, Jamie. TED Talk: “Teach every child about food”.

4 thoughts on “Obesity and the fight against it

  1. hey, thanks for dropping by!
    1. the colours read great anywhere but on the monochromatic e-readers. but I don’t really know many people who use e-readers for web browsing.
    B. I’m fighting them (: but I very well know that, no matter what’s said, they’re still a powerful force.. They profit from each other, so it benefits them that each is saying contradictory things

  2. two things:

    1. i so wanted to use this template for my blog. i love the colors, but i was worried that it would be difficult to read. so now i have to browse through yours to see if this would have been a good choice.

    B. what’s funny to me is that you used one simple sentence to say what the government, health organizations, magazine articles, personal trainers, etc. have been saying over and over until they’re all blue in the page. eat healthier things, eat less, move more. every year there’s another agency that publishes guidelines and suggestions on what we have to do, not do, eat, not eat, and it’s all blah blah blah. three fingers is all you need to count. eat better things, eat less, move more. now everyone else can just shut up and do it.

    what’s also funny is that it is harder for most people to “decide” to do these things than it is to actually DO them!

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