“imagina na copa”

A long-standing expression in Brasil, “imagina na copa!” (Por.: imagine what it would be like during the World Cup) is a frequent complaint when something (in society) isn’t functioning well and when the crowds seem unbearable..

Well, here it is, the circus is in town!


The majority of Brasilians are against the Cup

but it has gone ahead now..

Unfortunately, this shows that the power to influence a change isn’t in people’s hands, and, to put it mildly, that can be very discouraging.


To be clear, I’m not at all against World Cup or similar mega events (had much the same discussion about the Sochi Games a few months back), but I can’t say that I care for the way the resources are directed, for what, and in what manner.

From the very beginning, the concern should never be how to host the event, it should be about efficiency and legacy: what exactly can this new infrastructure and facilities be used for once the world moves on – as it moves on very quickly! Years of work, money, sweat – for a month-long event, and then, when it’s thanks and goodbye, something more than a memory must remain.



Que pais é esse = What country is this?

There is also an expression in Portuguese that I’ve heard again and again as a justification, or just to brush something off – ‘o jeitinho brasileiro‘, meaning the Brasilian way of doing things (like cutting corners or greasing someone’s palm). You know it’s happening, but that’s just how things are done.. and it’s acceptable.

Are the social and economic costs of staging such an event and what it spells for the future, more than Brasil can brave? Events of this magnitude should be an opportunity for cities to improve their infrastructure. What’s happening in other cities, Olympics hosts, years after the Games? What can be expected of Brasil? Read more on this over at The Olympic City Project by two photographers, one of whom is Gary Hustwit, the director of Urbanized.

So, it’s not a question of whom to blame: FIFA or the Brasilian government, or else.. pois não é só um jeitinho brasileiro.. é uma questão global.

.. e não vai terminar aí. After all, the Cup will come and go but the issues will remain.


Então, afeto e encorajamento para verde e amarela, pela ordem e PROGRESSO

saudades demais..!

2 thoughts on ““imagina na copa”

  1. It hasn’t been two years! I haven’t blogged in 6 months. Ah, 2 years since Brasil, you mean? *blush* sim, o que saudade!

  2. Welcome Back!
    Two years later, and just in time of the world event, the country and people go back into your writing – what a nice way to refresh your memory and confirm your love for Brasil.
    And Cranio – all congratulations. Charming!

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