writings on Parisian walls


(somewhere in the city of lights)
..and the glorious results of experimental youth is feeling at home in all these different places


remnants of Paris: buskers who, in the whiff of a moment you pass them in the crowded halls, evoke emotions and memories, adventures and experiences with someone, somewhere, sometime
..and prompt you to text mum: ‘a busker in the metro is playing un historia de un amor. Para ti, mi querida xx’

x buskers

Timid spring/ cold March/ travelling when its cold = traversing cities underground


des lustres dans le metro
..telling a story au charme parisien


there are the romantic Parisian stations, and then there’s pure steampunk! Arts et Metiers on ligne 11. Jules Verne -inspired. Was running late to a rendezvous at Pere Lachaise but had to switch from ligne 3 just to check it out. Battle of favourite metro stations~

x le comptoir (1)distraction tactics/ Le Comptoir General, Canal Saint Martin

street pole

Monsieur fancy pants street pole. Such a gentleman, oh la la.
Tipped his top hat ever so nonchalantly, lit my non-existent cigarette, mended my heel, and whisper-sang //it’s been a long, long time, so kiss me once, kiss me twice, then kiss me once agaaain//

x ivre

on life!


writings on the wall
we didn’t give it all
but we’re no more
..ili o kako tuznih ljubavi ima, ovaj svet je ispunjen njima

so apparently, Parisians no longer believe in love

ah, but when you forswear love, it’s a sad sad state of affairs..

paris9 (1)

It’s not that I can’t take it
It’s just that somehow
I think you’d break it
So much beyond repair

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